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​Whether you are a talent manager, career ​counselor, recruiter, executive coach or life coach your voice is heard and input is appreciated. ​

​We in CareerTasting are aiming to take the talent discovery, talent ​and career management onto a new lever by engaging more relevant ​contributors into the value creation process.

This enables you to better support your:

  • ​clients
  • ​​employees
  • candidates
  • managers

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About us

Rando Pikner the funder of CareerTasting

Rando Pikner

Chief ​Enthusiast

​Rando enjoys interactions with people who are passionate ​about something, anything. ​With CareerTasting community he aims to support people developing their careers based on their true self.

Holly Casey at CareerTasting

​Holly Casey

C​areer ​Wizard

Holly is experienced career counselor, passionate writer and a proud mom. ​She sees through the clutter and enables people to discover their core ​uniqueness for better career planning.