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Top Reasons Why Career Counseling Will Better Your Career

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​Top Reasons Why Career Counseling Will Better Your Career

It is fair to say that we all have our eyes aimed at the top in the careers we have or may not have even chosen. Who goes into battle, hoping to fail anyway? In this post, we'll talk about how professionals can utilize the presence of career counseling to better their careers. But, first things first...

​What Is Career Counseling?

​Wikipedia describes career counseling as a discipline "…focused on how individuals manage their journey through life, learning, and work. These include career exploration, making career choices, managing career changes, lifelong career development, and dealing with other career-related issues."

Career Counseling for careerr success

​Who Needs Career Counseling?

​The question should be, "Who isn't It For?" To answer the question, let's briefly take a look at the following typical scenarios:

●    Scenario 1: You don't know which talent you possess, or if you possess any at all. You do not know what skill would complement your aptitude. You do not have a job, so you have no idea what your capability levels are. You are entirely lost, and you do not know which career to pursue, talk little of planning, building, or changing careers.

●    Scenario 2: You are talented, but you seem to have so many of them that you get confused some times. You have acquired knowledge but not entirely sure how to apply it to build a career. You don't know whether to change jobs or remain where you are. You don't know if a career change is best for you at the time.

●   Scenario 3: You are talented. You are knowledgeable. You are skilled. You are employed at a fast-rising firm, doing what you know how to do best. Your capability levels are well known to you. You are building a career and have everything well mapped out.

When tasked with advising those who find themselves facing problems similar to those in scenarios 1 and 2 above, most people are often quick to recommend career counseling as a potential solution.
However, while they are right on the money about the first two scenarios, they are utterly wrong about the third.

Career counseling is not just for people who are having one issue or the other in their chosen careers; neither is it just for people who don't even have careers yet.
The fundamental truth is that -everyone needs career counseling!

Career counseling is for calryfying your career path

​But, How Exactly Does It Help?

Career counseling has been instrumental to the successes of many top professionals who are well known in their field today. From testimonies obtained from some of these people, it has become apparent that career counseling works on different people in different ways. Let's look at some of them.

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1.    Career Counseling Helps To Prepare People To Cope With Future Jobs:

Leo Salemi, in this LinkedIn post that talks about the future of the workplace, predicted that 85% of jobs that will be available in 2030 do not exist yet.

What this means is that, as the world continues to embrace change driven by innovations in different fields, people who are interested in delving into specific careers need a form of guidance and assurance from people who know how to do to do just that.

As part of their jobs, career counselors are adept at spotting trends and patterns. They also have a vast amount of useful raw data at their fingertips. This allows them to 'see' into the future, thus enabling them to guide their clients appropriately and effectively.

2.    Career Counseling Helps To Give Your Career Plans A Feel Of Professionalism:

Truly, you might think you have a convincing plan for how you want your career to progress. Yet, nothing beats the strategic orchestration and dedication to small details that a professional career counselor brings to the table.

A career counselor is trained to spot loopholes in career building, such that the untrained mind cannot hope to see. It is a bit like running a piece of cloth infested with bacteria through a microscope, the effects of professional career counseling on your plans are sure to be positively really huge.

 A career planned and built by someone who knows what they are doing will develop better and faster than a career planned and built without professional inputs.

3.    Career Counseling Helps To Make Timely, Important Decisions:

There are decisions you have to make and in time, too, if you want to quicken your growth pace. Too often, we can get carried away with certain parts of our professional lives that we do not spot the openings where these decisions need to are necessary.

For example, there are points in your career when you need to consider changing jobs, careers, or even a part of your plan. Other times, you might need to learn one skill or the other, or also get a certification to place yourself in an advantageous position as a wave of firing and promotions hits your place of work. It could even be that you need to step up your capabilities to meet up with specific new standards at work or get laid off.

When you work with a career counselor, they help you spot the need to make such decisions, and they can help you plan how to make those effectively.

4.    Career Counseling Can Help You Identify What Is Best for Your Career:

Records have shown that a significant number of trips made to a career counselor's office were at the point of crossroads. From high schools to Wall Street firms, the career counselor will spend most of their time tending to this category of people.

Some of the likely issues could be:

  • I know what I do well, but I do not know if it is enough for me to begin a career in it.
  • Do you think I need to change jobs? I feel so out of place here. I feel like I need to change careers, but that would mean starting all over again. Do you think that'll be wise?
  • ​I need to choose between my job and my family, who want me to be closer to home. But this job is my dream job, and I have worked my socks off to get to where I am today. Etc

5.    Career Counseling Will Help You Set Goals And Meet Targets:

Most of us need that little extra nudge to get things done. We need someone to put that low external pressure on us, to help us meet our goals.

Sometimes, it could be about trying to cultivate or quit certain workplace habits/traits. It could also be trying to get more knowledge or acquire a skill. You could well struggle with things like these until you work with a career counselor.

With a career counselor, you'll need to show progress reports. You'll want to work harder to hit those numbers. You'll want to get a pat in the back from your counselor, even though you're ultimately doing it for yourself. Because we are humans, external validations can matter a great deal, although to varying degrees.

Final Note on Career Counseling

​Career counseling will carefully relay your dreams, show you how best to achieve them, and help you draw plans that aim at reaching your goals. And for a fact, we have explored some of the ways in which career counseling can help kickstart a better career for you. Have you been talking to a career counselor? Do you wish to share with us some of the ways it has impacted your career so far? And, if you haven't been seeing a career counselor, which of these effects above would you like to see on your career first?

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